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    How do you choose the right sportswear when exercising?

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            Cool fall, so many friends joined the ranks of fitness.

            Participate in fitness activities, no more than daily work and life, the need for sports clothing has good ventilation, to facilitate the movement of the limbs stretch, sweat free, and so on.

           How do you choose the right sportswear when exercising?


           Choose breathable fabric.

           During exercise, the body's muscles contract, the heart beats faster, the rate of metabolism increases, and the flow of blood accelerates, so that the amount of perspiration increases a lot more than daily activities. Therefore, to choose breathable fast fabric sports clothing, so that sweat when the movement of the discharge.


            Spandex and other elastic ingredients.

            When choosing sportswear, there is a little more important, that is, to choose spandex and other elastic components of sportswear. Because no matter what kind of sport, its scope of activities is much larger than the daily work and life, and thus the requirements of the expansion of clothing is also relatively high.


             Yoga requires close fitting clothing.

             When friends are taking part in yoga, it is best to put on personal clothing. Because yoga activities, the body of joints and muscles of the precise requirements of relatively clear, wearing a personal clothing to help coaches see whether the students' movements are correct, you can correct mistakes in time.


             Female friends should choose sports underwear.

            When female friends take part in exercise, it is better to wear sports underwear. The sports underwear not only avoids the problem of slipping of the shoulder strap, but also can protect the breast of the female friend from the influence of the movement, and can avoid a lot of trouble during the exercise.


             Don't wear pure cotton clothes to exercise.

             Some friends think that cotton clothing perspiration ability, fitness is very appropriate. In fact, cotton clothing although sweat absorbing ability, but there are also a sweat quickly defects, if wearing cotton clothing to fitness, absorbing sweat cotton clothing is easy to catch a cold. Therefore, friends are advised not to wear pure cotton clothing to fitness.


           Choose to wear the right sneakers.

           Sports clothes also include athletic shoes. So, when you exercise, choose to wear the right shoes. In particular, running, ball games, must choose professional footwear to wear, so that it can effectively protect the ankle from injury.


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